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Witch Hunter - is a variative visual novel, made with the Ren'Py engine. It will be attended by mini-games, as well as several endings.
The main character is Lord Cedric, disguised as Rick Hoffman, a local librarian and bookstore owner. By the order of Prince Phobos, he tries to find the heiress of the throne and weaken the Guardians of the Veil. 

About game

This game is a porn parody of the animated series W. I. T. C. H. and you will better understand the plot and get more pleasure from the game if you are familiar with this universe.

Although in general, this is not necessary at all.

In this game, you play the role of Lord Cedric, who, on behalf of his master, Prince Phobos, must enter the earthly world, find his sister, the true heir of Meridian, and neutralize the guards of the veil.

Our main character gets a job as a local librarian. Pouring into the trust of the guards of the veil-he tries in every possible way to weaken their cohesion. Who will be the heir to the throne? What choice will the main character make at one time or another? Will he be able to seduce every girl in the game?


The game contains:

- A parody story based on the animated series WITCH

- More than 25 female characters and more than 17 male characters

- More than 65 story scenes

- More than 50 NSFW scenes

The type of content that currently exists in the game:

Oral sex
Vaginal sex
Anal sex
Group sex
Cleaning up
Interracial sex
Monster Girl
And much more!


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WitchHunter- 808 MB
WitchHunter- 773 MB
WitchHunter- 394 MB
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WitchHunter_0.15.0.3.apk 218 MB
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if you pay $5 USD or more
if you pay $5 USD or more

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Lmao it took me waaaaay to long to figure out these characters were from w.i.t.c.h.

I like the concept

art is great and plot so far is looking good

can't wait to finish this game


Fuck! I defeated Irma and Taranee, by save scumming a lot. And the cutscene was no different from when I lost. Also, now I must wait for the next update

if i were to buy the game  would i have to buy it again on the next update???

Just 1 time

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There is one scene in the gallery I haven't got yet on page 10 on 90 slot how to I get it ?

Can I give me your save file? Because mine has many unlocked scene ') 

A really good game, thanks for making it ^^.

I love it, the art is good, the story is fun, and it's W.I.T.C.H. !!!!

Is there any new for the release of the next update ?

I cant defeat boss monster why it must be that hard...

You need to use potions

is this animated? if it's not, i hope that it will be.


Animations in the newer stuff and they've been adding animations to some of the old scenes in the newer updates

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I know a lot of these VN/games don't have the greatest dialogue, and aren't made by someone who speaks English as their first language, but this game stands out. The dialogue is extremely poorly written and awkward and the main character is super unlikeable. The art is ok but not enough to make up for the writing 

thats literally the whole point of the MC is to be a BAD GUY, if you're looking for more hero based stories this ain't for you bud.


Him being the bad guy doesn't make him unlikable. It's the fact that he talks like he was written by a 14 year old

I kinda like the premise, but not the story, and the pace is too slow, it needs more payoffs at the beginning.

so i'm assuming i've cleared the current version as all tasks are cleared and nothing else is appearing for me to do, also i'm somehow missing gallery image number 5, dunno how i'm missing that when i've replayed several times and don't know what i'm missing. if you could drop a hint or anyone for that matter it would be appreciated.

Number 5 seems to be Alchemy related. Rescue from guards and you should be able to find it somewhere there.

gotcha thanks man, thought i had them all the first run through when i intervened but i guess i didnt do the right dialogue for what i needed there. did a second run and let her get caught because when i intervened i was locked on being destroyed my phobos regardless of dialogue.

glad i read the comments before purchasing. this (missing files for the installer) seems to be a trend - just had this problem on another game I purchased a couple days ago. Waiting to see this issue addressed.

Can't download or install the latest update (0.16.1-pc)

i have witchhunter pack 0.16.1 for the pc and i getting error and getting deleted the game.

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Getting this error message when I try to unpack the zip file: "can not open output file access is denied"

Seems like 7zip is refusing to unpack the normal .exe file, all I have is the 32 bit launcher. Everything else seems fine from what I can tell.

P.S. Avast quarantined said file before, and now I can't seem to do anything with it, regardless of if it's in an archive or not. Never had this problem before, so any help is appreciated.

Hey Devs, do you have the playlist of all the BGM or soundtrack to your games?


Why is one of the book titles asked for in the shop the Most Racist Version of the title of a since renamed book (to an also racist newer title) when you could have simply *not* included book titles with slurs in them??


Also why did the drug dealers that supposedly kidnapped that detective have to be Mexican? Why does he have to allude to their race at all?


why are two people on a VN questioning unnecessary things about a fiction based story? why couldn't they be simple people and not be butthurt over trivial content?

How is 13.2  800MB+... But the 15.2 is less then 300MB (Android) am I missing something or??

How to load  13 save in 15.2 anyone

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but I'm using the itch app on my laptop at when I go to update the game it says it can't because "This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website.

Try other source as alternative


I bought the 5$ version a little while ago, want to upgrade to the 10$ version, so I purchased another 5$ how can I get the new update?


Consider that you have lost money, maybe...

So, I bought this game less then a week ago, new update pops up and now I would need to lay down another 5 dollars for this? Is that doable by donation or would I need to start over and pay 10 dollars in full? 

(1 edit) (+1)

When you click on download, the last option in the support tab is ''I already paid for this'', try that

I will try that, thanks for responding. 

Well, I could not download the latest version. 


Once you have downloaded one version it should appear in your library (you get to the library via the drop down menu in the upper right corner). If you click download there it should allow the current 5 dollar tier.


i found this game and tried it through v 14 and does anyone know how to unlock panel 84? i believe i did most things already so im confused on how to get panel 84

also this got me kind of intrigued i played this for a whole day trying out most routes (would've been all but idk what i missed)

when alchemy tps to the other world don't stop the guards, then let the story progress

thanks i finally got it

(1 edit) (+1)

will 0.16 free in the future? Cause I'm broke and horny AF 

love the game and I want to support it but alas. :(

Maybe will income version 0.17 or 0.18

Will 0.16 be free or do we have to pay to play? 

(1 edit)

0.16 10$

0.15 5$

0.14 free

Vr 13 saves not working in vr 14 what to do

i dont know if i finished all the available quests already but i still have parts of the gallery locked and i dont know if it has to do with the choices that i make or i havent unlocked a new quest or something

Some gallery options are locked behind alternative choices you could have made


Will there be more scenes of the Morpion Queen? She's my favorite girl by far.

I'm sure i'm not the only one having problems with tge gallery like the pics disappearing

Why I can't load my saves? Version 0.14.03 is not supporting past saves and may cause errors. Wtf? I don't want to play from the beginning

Can someone tell how come v 0.14 is smaller than v 0.13 were some part removed when moving from v 0.13 to v 0.14

(1 edit)

Maybe the dev fix some bugs I'm doesn't notice any different

We have reduced the size of some images (for the android version), some of the chat content was cut and replaced, and also deleted some unused images that were in the game folder

(1 edit)

Does anyone know how to get the gallery scene #90? Id really appreciate the help

you get it after giving the king alchemy, main quest progression

So uh there's bugs like not being able to click teeny things (teleportation book and "x" buttons even the arrow leading to the room). Tried restarting the game but doesn't work so yeah i'm stuck and can't progress anymore. Had this problem the first time i played when you need to examine the things in the bookstore first. I fixed that by clearing the data so i guess i have to do that again but i don't want to do it everytime this glitch or bug or idk happens. Care to suggest something dev?


is there any content for the 0.13 after giving Alchemy to the prince?

amazing art! Great story and game. Never watched witch so I dont get it but I love the porn of it. Very well made!

I got an Error while following Elyons Storyline. It's at the aphrosidiac quest and now there's just a screen with an list error

On mobile randomly some items from the gallery go missing any way to fix it

Is it possible to get gallery #29, #80-82 and #84 on the latest version of 0.14? If so how do you get those? Played through the game twice, love the content 


Good game , great scenes and very interesting plot. 



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