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Witch Hunter - is a variative visual novel, made with the Ren'Py engine. It will be attended by mini-games, as well as several endings. 
The main character is Lord Cedric, disguised as Rick Hoffman, a local librarian and bookstore owner. By the order of Prince Phobos, he tries to find the heiress of the throne and weaken the Guardians of the Veil. 

About game

This game is a porn parody of the animated series W. I. T. C. H. and you will better understand the plot and get more pleasure from the game if you are familiar with this universe.

Although in general, this is not necessary at all.

In this game, you play the role of Lord Cedric, who, on behalf of his master, Prince Phobos, must enter the earthly world, find his sister, the true heir of Meridian, and neutralize the guards of the veil.

Our main character gets a job as a local librarian. Pouring into the trust of the guards of the veil-he tries in every possible way to weaken their cohesion. Who will be the heir to the throne? What choice will the main character make at one time or another? Will he be able to seduce every girl in the game?


The game contains:

- A parody story based on the animated series WITCH

- More than 50 female characters 

- More than 200 scenes

Updated 8 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(593 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withClip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, Sublime Text, Ren'Py
TagsAdult, Dark Fantasy, Eroge, Erotic, Fantasy, Parody, Ren'Py, Romance, Singleplayer
Code licenseUnlicense
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls
LinksPatreon, Blog


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Version 1
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Version 1
Witch-Hunter-0.20-mac.zip 3 GB
if you pay $10 USD or more
Version 1
Witch-Hunter-0.20-apk.zip 348 MB
if you pay $10 USD or more
Version 1

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Hi, dear author Somka08. I really liked your game and I would like to translate it into English. Is there any way I can get the localisation files? Thanks in advance for the answer!

I know this game is "already in English" but as a native speaker it's just so painful how bad the current English "dialogue" is.

(Its super ironic but I copied my first paragraph from a comment on another game asking to translate to Russian 😅). 

Just started playing. Haven't even finished the first scene. And yep, I'm pretty sure any native English speaker could point out several bits that sound odd, regardless of whether they're a trained translator.

Is there any way to go back and unlock some of the scenes I missed? I finished the whole game but there seems to be some pages and scenes still locked for me

(1 edit)

Yes, even two actually. It's called "new game" or "manual saves before important choices".
I'm sorry, but this is obviously the only way. 


the game is stuck on the scene with the guardians in the dungeon after the trial. version 0.20.0. it gets stuck after cedric's words "whose grade should I announce next". windows 11


ok nvm you just need to click on one of them

is the latest update when we leave the silver manor after hay lin quest? also can i have the discord for this game?

No, this is the end of the content in version 0.19.  There is new content in version 0.20. Link to our discord channel https://discord.gg/q5E2d7yVjZ

After Sombra was it? Left was that the end? If it is I got the one where cedric got killed :(

I think the last part is with hay lin(i think that was her name)

I like the game and all, but since version 0.18 or 0.17 and until now, after you've switched the programmer and updated game interface, there are some glitches appears at every scene and every screen. It looks like lots of tiny black dots appearing all over the screen for a second, like on an old tape. It's not critical, just annoying.

I have never heard of such a problem, from which device do you play?

(1 edit)

Win10, but it's an old laptop, maybe some compatibility issue..
It only appears during animated scenes or when progressing any scene by clicking.
This happens every time, but only for a slightest moment. Maybe I'll be able to take a shot of it later.

I've figured the problem. The glitches appears only in full screen mode. It's like screen crashes for 0.01 second every time, but in windowed mode all's fine. And no, I couldn't catch it with a screenshot. Also in full screen mode I get square resolution with black lines on the sides, like when you run a PS1 game on a wide screen or something. I don't know how it supposed to be, but my default resolution is 1600x900


I suggest to delete the green rectangle behind the text, it hides a lot of the bodies in the hot scenes


You can remove it with a hotkey, the H key if I'm not mistaken

Sadly it is not compatible with XP.:(


Lol, time to upgrade to Linux don't you think? 

I strongly suggest Manjaro ;]


Limitations of the game engine, I think there are many more games that do not support this version of the operating system

Deleted 18 days ago

I am still able to access my old saves after updating, but for the new scenes that happened earlier in the game, I would have to backtrack a lot, if not restart the game from scratch just to get them.

Saves should work starting from version 0.14 or 0.15 if I'm not mistaken

are there any scenes with lilian other than the first boob job 


no. maybe in a future update and if there is enough demand we may see more of adult lillian and even have sex with her.

(1 edit) (+2)

Hey i paid 10USD but its not letting me download 0.20 it only shows 0.19 


Same here




same here


Having the same issue as well.


Same issue, and I bought 0.19 just 10 days ago.

Looks like it should work now, or at least, it's working for me

I got stuck in mission raise elyon's sluttiness to 7 i try everything in this game it's not worked how to fix it?


what version are you on if your on the newest free version than that will be because there nothing left to do

(1 edit)

How do you unlock galleries 4,5,6 and 7? I replayed the game a couple of times already and I can't figure it out.

You must send sister to jail

SO i bought the game for 10$ but i cant download the recent update

I have the same issue.


Try to download it from the Library page in you Account instead of the download buttons on this page. Works for me.

tried that


Hi! Pretty nice, game!

I have a question, though:
How do I complete the 'Talking about Will' quest? It says 'Find a way to prove to Susan that her husband is a gambler'. How do I do that?

Also, a few suggestions:

- It's waaay sexier when you let the player undress the character by himself, or the girl herself takes off her clothes. Don't jump directly to sex! It's more enticing and seductive when you have some sort of prelude (not too long, though, like grinding).

- It's also sexier to show when the girl is getting penetrated (pussy, anus, mouth). Show that moment when the dick/phallic form (tentacles, probably) enter her. Again, jumping directly to sex is a bit of a turn-off.

However, I greatly appreciate your work for this game, (and the references!) and I don't mean to underestimate that you're not doing enough or it's easy. I have developer friends and I know, even if it's 000.01% of what "making a game" means, how difficult it can be and the hundreds and thousands of hours everyone puts into their project. I just wanted to add some suggestions that would make the game better and more seductive.

Thank you, Somka08!

Teleport to another dimension


Play with Gerald for board

After skip time at shop and wait Will

After losing several times, wait several times and go to Susan 

Ooooh, so I'm supposed to lose?

I thought I was just being bad at playing poker, blackjack or whatever that game is.

Thank you!


Is there an update schedule or is it whenever the update is ready?

how to delete all my saves to start everything from the beginning because I have an image problem

same for all renpy games try searching for that 

How to complete a mini-game with Lillian with undressing (android)

Is there a walkthrough that explains what you've got to do to survive the Morpion King? 

(2 edits) (+1)

you cant when you lose there’s a scripted event

Am I dying because there just isn't any content beyond that point yet, or am I dying because I did something wrong earlier in the game? 

(2 edits)

are you dying and nothing's happening (like the fight is resetting). a script happens when you get him to half heath and lose at least for me. suggest alot of heath potions.

I hope i get my page this update.

subbed awhile ago for raven in the Magazine

Hi, if you ordered something and I didn't do it, please write to me in private messages in discord, on patreon or boosty. Thanks

(3 edits)

when is the next version coming out? If you don’t mind me asking.

Hey can i get some help with the Lillian blanket scene? It's in russian so I'm not sure what im supposed to be doing exactly but i triggered the quest and would rather fijish it than restart from an old save. Please and thank you :)

Figured it out. For those who are confused like me you just gotta tap and drag the blanket slowly and in small intervals so as not to wake her. This is on android but it should be similar on pc as well. Enjoy guys :)


"My God, I miss the old Lilith. I started playing this game in the year 2021, and the character Lilith was initially a little girl who, over the course of missions, develops into an adult woman. Unfortunately, she was removed from the game due to in its likeness as a child.As a Brazilian, I started playing the game for its unique challenge and engaging combat.

The change in Lilith's character was extraordinarily drastic. They could have simply kept her looking more mature to avoid future problems. However, they chose to completely transform her, replacing her with a character with an emo or gothic style, difficult to describe precisely.

I feel underwhelmed as I eagerly waited for a new update to see what would happen to the adult Lilith in the future, only to be met with this change. Cornelia calling the new Lilith a child seems to be ironic.

Now it seems my only option is to stop playing the game. It's a shame I got to know the game earlier; perhaps I should have discovered it now, to avoid the disappointment that Lilith has become."


Her name is Lillian not Lillith. If you're going to stop playing because one out of the SEVERAL chicks got changed then by all means. It's a shame to condemn the whole game over just one side character though.


Can anybody help me i try to download it on mega but when its become %100 its says "failed: write error"


Android download doesnt work, u said "You just need to log in to your Google account so that this message does not show" on a diffrent comment but it doesnt seem to work, new working link would be appreciated

are you trying to download the 18th version?

the 0.18 version yea, why?

I fixed it check it out

Can't download in android

are you trying to download the 18th version?


I fixed it check it out

It seems that downloading from google drive no longer works, it only shows a message that violates google's terms, at least in the apk link

are you trying to download the 18th version?

Yeah, that's the version

I fixed it check it out

(1 edit)

Link APK is broken

which version are you trying to download?

Theres something wrong with the game download.

which version are you trying to download?


100th contributor, I feel like a bad, BAD man.


The download link seems broken, I'm getting the google drive rate limit error message

You just need to log in to your Google account so that this message does not show

When is the new update coming?

Will she be in the steam?


Tell me to raise the level of depravity in Elion

Deleted 117 days ago

Are you sure you didn 't confuse it with another game ?

Deleted 117 days ago

I not only played it, but also created it. I think you're exaggerating a lot, but it's not worth playing this if you're very sensitive

Deleted 117 days ago

lmao complaining about a porn game you played to completion how embarrassing. you could just not play it lol but i guess thinking isnt your strong suit.


Why does your art style remind me so much of akabur's does he work with you guys or is it just me

(1 edit) (+2)

Once upon a time I was inspired by Akabur, but my drawing style has gone far enough from it

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